Mulling It Over With Mel

Are you Missing #Travel during #Lockdown

Good Morning Beautiful People and Beautiful World! I know that Covid_19 has hit many of us financially and emotionally but I do see such a difference in the Wildlife and ...
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Marriage/Relationship During #LockDown

Good Morning World VIDEO of us BONDINGĀ  Well this one is for the people stuck in lockdown with their partners!!! Not that I am counting the number of days ...
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#LockDown more like KNOCKDOWN!

Well, Well, Well did you Ever!! So I actually had a message a few days before lockdown from a UK “friend” who has someone working on the inside that said ...
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#2020 I cannot believe it’s the Year!

And just like’s #2020 Firstly Compliments of the Season to All My Clients , Friends and Subscribers!
I bet you all started #2020 with Your New Years Resolutions like ...
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It’s Exams Again…. and 2 months till Christmas!

So I am sitting at my desk eventually after watching my catch-up of Real Housewives of New York and Love Island -Shyte my life is boring compared to these Aunties! ...
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4 Months till December

And just like that it’s 4 months till Dec!
Wow has this year just zoomed by .. and I feel like I haven’t sent out a Newsletter in awhile -I ...
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Sometimes its not about US , but what is best for them.

Please don’t tell me my child needs Ritalin or Concerta or any of those chemicals!
I will not give them to him , I will try everything Herbal, and change ...
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Home-Schooling/Cottage Schooling

Morning Parents So I was asked by a Mom about Home-Schooling. Remember this was an enquiry by a mother for options and how Parents that Home-Schooled or Cottage Schooling felt ...
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Life , #MartinFamdamily Vacay , Beauty and Business

Do you feel that the days are just flying by ? Wow It feels like awhile since I sent a Blog/Newsletter.
Some of you might have noticed my new awesome ...
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