So for Women’s Day this Year I dragged some Aunties  to the West Bowling Club for a fun day of Bowls and Potjie!

AND WHAT A HIT, so I know that I have to organise a #CafeCouchEvents Ladies Bowls Day!

Bowls you say … it’s for OLD people!
Not a sausage, I think I did more exercise at Bowls then I do at the Gym!

AND you meet such fun ladies , toast champers , enjoy a great meal and laugh all day!
It’s such fun , and whether you are a  super player or not , it does not matter.. It is just a Great Day Out.

SO keep an eye out for Our Next Ladies Bowls Day



Thanks to the Members of Maritzburg West for Hosting Us , the amazing Potjie and Pink Cupcakes -We had a ball and cannot wait for the next one!



Author: Mel Martin