Firstly I love Animation and Kids Movies , so any excuse to take my Boys to watch a good Movie ,(any excuse to do stuff with my Kids).
We looked online with Cine Centre Midlands Mall – The website is cool , and it was easy to find the movie and book online.R75.00each on a weekday but I do know Tuesday’s they have a half price Special!
We watched the Trailer of “The Boy Who Would Be King” and decided that is it , and I wasn’t in the mood for 3D Movies- I seem to get headaches in those films and for kids with small faces , sticking plasters on the sides to keep them on … No NOT Today!

Click Pic to watch the Trailer 

Off we went , printed Our tickets from the Machine (easy peasy) and stood in the Popcorn Queue! R52ea for a Small Drink /Popcorn and choice of sweet combo!
My Only gripe is that the popcorn could have been fresher!! Jack said we should have just brought the Pick N Pay Microwave Popcorn! (Honesty of Kids!)
We grabbed 2 cushions from the friendly ladies at the counter (to make chair higher for the shorter kids to see) at R20 for 2 and you get your money back when you hand them back after the Movie.

I love Medieval, Fairies , Dragons and Magical Films … I am re-watching “Merlin” on #netfilx at the moment .

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The movie “The Kid Who Would be King’ is the Modern take of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, but has so so many issues that Our kids face today!Bullying – A HUGE problem kids face today and how we should teach them it’s wrong , teach them to defend others from these bullies . Friendships and the Importance of being a good friend . Hardships of single parents and how they feel and are they doing enough raising their kids? Things parents do to try protect their kids from being hurt physically and emotionally and HONESTY! How important it is to always be Honest. It is a movie to show us how to be better People and how we should treat each other always.
My Boys loved it. Matt (11yrs) said it was one of the bestest movies he had seen! Joe (7yrs) loved Merlin the most and this movie didn’t scare him at all.

After watching this movie I feel I need to teach my kids more about the stories and legends we were taught! The Fairy-tales and Nursery Rhymes .So next movie to find is a good ,King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table and one of my favourite is The Never Ending Story!!

If you go watch , let me know what you thoughts? We LOVED it!

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To book your e-tickets please call the National Call Centre on 0861 CINE(2463)00 (Credit and Debit card bookings)


Author: Mel Martin