Hi There

DIY is normally my Husbands Department but with us re-doing our Home , he has enough on his plate!

I have been wanting to re-do my Office Space for Ages and when approached to do a DIY Blog Campaign, I jumped at it!

If I can do it , so can you!

So Here is my Step by Step weekly Blog Make-Over! ( I’m starting with something small , a Book Case).

So off to Builders Warehouse with my Voucher to get my Supplies.. and choose my Colour #SpeakColour



Luckily I got to take hubby along – Painting a Small Bookcase isn’t as easy as I thought!

You don’t just buy the exact colour over the counter , go home and paint your Book Case.Nope , it includes , Turpentine , Sandpaper , Undercoats , a spray machine and they have to mix Your Colour !
I knew the colour I wanted that would go with my New Office Make-Over , a Duck Egg Blue shade.
I also had to  describe the size of the Book Case so I could be advised on how much paint I needed!
Builders Warehouse/Express (PMB) were super helpful answering all my Questions and giving great advice to a first timer DIY Mom.


Supplies  I Needed
Sand Paper (100Grit) to sand the Book Case (Prep it)

Turpentine  (Used to clean up after adding the Undercoat)

Undercoat -Just ask your Friendly Builders Staff
Paint Spray Gun – This I have already ,  thanks to my DIY Hubby
Choice of Colour from Duram Smart Paint  – I have gone with a Water Based paint called Atlantic Tide (E209-2)

I have the goods , so watch out for my next Prep Video /Blog


See You Next Week … #SpeakColour

Author: Mel Martin