So Monday was MY Mommy/Me/Pamper day at Senses Day Spa in Pietermaritzburg.

I have been there before and remember how tranquil it was , and again I was not disappointed . The minute you walk into the spa the calming smells surround you and you just feel relaxed .
The rooms are dimmed and give you that “let me just shut down, close my eyes and be pampered feeling!”
One thing I did notice more this time was the Staff . Everyone was lovely , smiling and happy .

I sat in the Gardens (which they are renovating at the moment, lots happening), and was met by Aliyah who would be doing my Facial!

Aliyah is the qualified Skin Therapist and offers an amazing range of Skin Care Treatments. She is well trained in  Skin Care and passionate about what she does.

I did tell her the name of the treatment I was having scared me abit – “Fire & Ice” ! She said not too worry , she would be with me the entire hour and give me minute by minute updates on what she was doing … and she was true to her word!
It does smell like fireballs on your face and the 5 minutes was enough for me (Fireball stuff stays on between 3-7minutes) ,,, the heat is quite apparent, but then removed and cooled and your skin is cleaned and refreshed.

My skin feels incredible 2 days later and just seems to have a healthy glow- If you are looking for Anti-ageing /Healthier looking skin options that are not invasive , this is a must!

After my skin treatment I was off to have the mani and pedi and again I compliment the staff.


Like I have said , a way to a mans heart is through his tummy , mine is through my feet!Love a foot massage
Nonjabula was my Nail Technician and she Rocked , besides being a perfectionist when doing nails she has a great sense of humour and when you are quite up close and personal with some-one , its a lot better when you can chat and laugh together! My nails are looking Fly …

I would also like to say to Shaista , the Owner ,that your Staff are lovely , your new Lady Agnus who helps around the Salon is a Beaut and I felt comfortable and like a Queen for the Day!

I love the ambience your Salon gives it’s Clients and got too meet 2 other Local Clients who only praised your Salon!





The Décor  , the ambience , and mostly the staff make your Salon Special and Welcoming … If you know how much I love watching the Real Housewives of “everywhere” , then I would like to let you know I walked away from Senses with the GLAM Feeling – Just call me the Real Housewife of Ashburton







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Author: Mel Martin