Mulling It Over With Mel

Good Morning Sunshines

Good Morning Moms , Parents & Businesses Well can you blady believe that’s its the End of July! Some of us have even survived 6 months of the Year! The ...
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Slow down,You’re gonna burn out!

Slow down You’re a Mom-How?Let me first describe this last weekend.Not the entire week cause then I might not finish. Just the week.
Friday was Grandparents Day at School , ...
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Back into the Swing of Things ….

Good Morning …. Well in the dip here in Sleepy-Hollow , Ashburton , its a tad fresh this morning 0 degrees.Thank Goodness hubby has done the school run! I ...
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Memories,Mishaps #lifeofParents

Our School Holidays…. and we only 10 days in! Roadtripping !   Wow 10 days into the School Holidays already and I feel like it’s been a month .Not that ...
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The Other Babies in Our Lives …. #itsadogslife

Just a heads up.. I write like I think in my head ,not always correctly , spelling (eish) so hope you get the just of what I say in my ...
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Is it Just MY Kids?

Can you not just LOVE your Siblings!
Well I am not sure what the heck is actually going on lately in the #MartinFamdamily House Hold but slowly I am losing ...
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They are Just Kids -nobody needs a Chad Le Clos or AB at 6 yrs old guys!!

Let Our kids be Kids on the Sports Field! Yes I bet a lot of you are saying , Ja Mel that’s rich!! You are that mom on the side ...
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Friendships,Relationships,they change as we grow older.

Friendships .. they come and go and its ok! Wow this Weekend has been an eye-opener and again another reflection of Life , what we have and who we have ...
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I think my patience has run away!

I really don’t know what it is lately!
Maybe its me getting older and pieces of the organ that stores the Patience is slowly depleting!
Everything and Everyone Irritates me ...
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