First Name: Lauren

Last Name: Fryer




Tell us about yourself:


I am a woman, wife, mom, daughter, teacher, business owner and with a trillion other roles in the mix on any one day! I consider myself a local PMBurger (despite having to admit to being born in JHB) and met my husband at our local university campus while I was studying a B.Comm degree. I am mother to 2 amazing young adult daughters who have humbled me with their values and accomplishments, they continue to teach me more than I consider ever having taught them!


Let us know more about your Business, How you came into this Line of Biz.:


I went back to ‘varsity and qualified as a teacher after having children of my own. I had many rewarding years as a classroom teacher before becoming involved in tutoring and student support lessons. My eldest daughter was struggling with a particular subject in Senior Primary which led to me being introduced to a more formal tutoring methodology. The positive structured approach really struck a note with me and in 2007, in partnership with my sister, I bought TUTOR PMB from the author of the resources that support this proven methodology.


Being a WIB/Mom in Business what are the challenges you face?:


In the early days, the feeling of not knowing who to ask advice from and trusting others who offered advice but weren’t really familiar with MY business. My passion (and expertise) lay in teaching and supporting school children and I now needed to draw on other skills to be successful. I never thought my B.Comm degree would be useful as a teacher but the (very) few things I recall, or was reminded of, have become valuable in staying independent and managing the business side of the tutoring. Keeping up to date with tax and other legal implications have also been a challenge.


Any advice for other Women/Moms wanting to start their own Business.:


I would advise following a passion (even if it feels more like a hobby) rather than a business opportunity! As any existing interests and strengths will make building the business easier and more enjoyable.
Fill your team with like-minded people of all ages.


What do you enjoy most about owning your Own Business, and would you recommend other women to take the leap?:


I want to say the freedom to determine your own hours….. but that is not really true! There is certainly flexibility without having to ask permission or fear of being denied time off. So school events and personal commitments are more accessible; the hours still need to be worked but they can be juggled to fit around those.
For me one of the most valuable aspects is the freedom to implement (or not implement) incentives for the TUTOR Team and the young people in our care. I love the reward of being personally involved in the successes of the dedicated teachers who make up the vibrant TUTOR Team and the young people who we support each week.
Yes, take the leap! The fears and doubt will very soon be replaced with an incredible pride in your own courage to do more than you thought you could.




Another week of celebrating the successes of these courageous TUTOR kids!
Mpendulo has blown us away with progress of over 2 years in his reading age and almost 3 years in comprehension age in just 20 lessons on his TUTOR English programme! Yes, that’s right 20 lessons has brought him inline with the expectations of his grade in these 2 language areas.
Bring out the best in your child, get more information today.






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Author: Mel Martin