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Well this one is for the people stuck in lockdown with their partners!!!

Not that I am counting the number of days we are stuck together , cannot leave the property , can hear him breathing a lot louder then normal, his chewing , his snoring seems louder ….. should I even continue , cause I know you know what I mean!
Maybe just his presence 24/7!!!


42 Days , yes it has been 42 Days of togetherness!!! How lovely for me!!

Actually I cannot complain, having 3 kids has made it all about OUR Family .

Doing things together that we should have been doing before lockdown.

Eating together more – then just sitting around the TV.

Outside Fires

Picnics in the Garden

Fishing in the Dam

Talking about Our Lives , what we want and who we want in our lives!

We are a close family but this makes me appreciate what I have a bit more!


The man can BRAAI! 


I think that making a CHORE Board saved us a lot , as everyone had to stick to it , so their was NO fighting!

Hubby actually has been AMAZING . He has cleaned , cooked , helped with the Maths Homework (I did typing at school) and fed the dogs daily!

He makes me tea every morning and we definately have had alot of laughs!
We have also had times where I could have dug a hole in the garden somewhere and the kids worried why daddy hadn’t been seen all day?

I did receive this whatsapp one morning when asking where my breakie was!!! 


BUT I want to know how YOU are coping?

Has / IS this been good for your relationships or a blady nightmare!

Have you spent it with a New partner , early stages of Marriage or a new baby in the house?
What fun things have you done to make life Easier?


Let me know and send pics if you like on the facebook page under this BLOG – Cafe Couch!


Have a super day 42 in #lockdown2020 and sending love to you all and wish I could send booze for those days you would also like to ugly cry in the bath! AND hey its ok to have melt downs !


Love you All




2 Great Videos of South Africans in LOCKDOWN coping with their other halves!!!


He is Driving me up the Wall and too the side!!! 


Charmaine and Bruce seem HAPPY!!







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  1. Anonymous? 7th May 2020 at 8:46 pm

    Been difficult. Have a husband that suffers with depression and no feelings. he is trying to go off his pills to feel more but we aren’t anywhere close to that yet. So its been a difficult couple of weeks being locked up and not being able to get out and clear my head. Im the only one doing most in the house, garden and with the kids, so it gets overwhelming. just not in a good place. life needs to go back to normal.

    1. Mel Martin 11th May 2020 at 10:30 am

      Morning , I am so sorry to read how hard this is being and can only imagine there are so many other People in the same position as you! We did a schedule so that the kids had to help as I knew I could not do it alone and try help them with their school work! -How old are your kids? I pray that you will soon be able to get back to normal and pray that hubby feels / gets better soon! Remember you have to try talk and reach out or you will go insane! You cannot do it alone …..

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