Ok  what is the BIG Hype about these Magnetic Eye Lashes!

Firstly if you are like me and hate lying still for long periods – then these are easy to apply and quick!
Secondly if the glue does not agree with you – NO GLUE is needed!


Matric Dances or School Functions for your Teenage Daughters- You don’t want your daughters having permanent lashes – these are quick , easy and can be removed immediately!


So I bought some and found out that using Tweezers makes it so much easier . I do often apply mascara as I find I can place eyelashes on top easier, but you don’t need to.

They make me feel Glam and it looks like I have made an effort to look good , which is a bonus
They even easier to remove!


I made a video of myself applying them so that you can see – If I can do it , so can you…   https://www.instagram.com/p/B1bpWEuHLfh/


Here is the link to the website and if you buy you can get 10% off if you use the discount code CAFECOUCH and August is Woman’s Month so they might throw in a FREE gift!!




I do suggest placing a white towel under as you apply in case you drop one of the small attachments! Easier to find when you have bad eyes like me!


I have bought a lot of their Other Make-Up and LOVE IT and find it affordable!!



Author: Mel Martin