For this I used a beautiful free range leg of lamb which I cut off the bone and cubed. I still put the bone in during the cooking to get the goodness and flavour of the marrow.
I found the ā€˜giantā€™ baby gems and patty pans at Food Lovers. The carbs in this dish are negligible because of the high fiber content and it packs a lovely fat and protein punch!

In a heavy based large pot (I use cast iron), fry up 2 sliced onions and 1 tsp garlic in 3 Tbsp coconut oil over high heat.
Add the diced lamb and brown.
Add 2 tins chopped peeled tomatoes.
Add 1 litre vegetable stock and 4 cups cubed pumpkin. Cover, reduce heat and allow to simmer until the meat is tender and the pumpkin disintegrated, stirring every so often.
Add the squash and simmer a further 20 minutes until soft.
Serve just as is or with cauli rice.

Author: Mel Martin