Chocolate Mousse


Ok ….. There are no hard and fast rules here. I believe everyone has their own degree of preferred chocolatiness so I’ll give you the 3 ingredients of this amazing LCHF choc mousse and you’ll need to fiddle with the amount of chocolate and sugar to your taste. For me the following is just right:
1 400ml Can coconut cream
4 Heaped Tbsp cocoa
3 1/2 Tbsp xylitol
Place coconut cream in a mixing bowl and mix with an electric beater until combined. Add the cocoa and the xylitol and continue to beat at until the xylitol is dissolved. Pour into individual glasses or ramekins and place in the fridge until set – about 2 hours. For ice cream, just place in plastic containers with lids and pop in the freezer in portions.
I have also made this with frozen berries in place of the chocolate but found it very tart so if you do try it that way then don’t forget to adjust the amount of xylitol that you use. You would also need to mix it in a blender. It is a lovely summer dessert with the berries.