Café Couch has come up with some FUN Ways to help you keep sane during the #SelfIsolation

1. Pull out all those old toys – Train Sets / Barbies /Puzzles /Dinky Cars and build and have fun with the kids! So many of our kids Toys are always just PACKED away 


2. BAKE – Even if it’s the already Mixed options! I make the choc mint muffins and they are a huge hit in Our House!
(MUFFIN IN A MUG)  – Let us know if you try this and send pics of the results or failures! or WhatsApp 0823772691

3. Pull out those PHOTO Albums and Scrap Books you spent money and Hours putting together! Share the memories with Your kids, let them ask questions !

4. READ– READING , is a BIG one in Our House . So my boys each have as series they reading and I make them take 30 mins during the day to find a quiet spot ( outside on a blankie , their beanbags or in their rooms!), we repeat this half an hour before bed as well!!
Even just read a story to them that you loved – Never Ending Story , Bed Knobs and Broomsticks!

5. ART ART ART – if you have internet visit ART Hub or let them copy from magazines , cut out pics from mags , make collages . Also paper , glue and outdoor materials like sand and leaves for fun collages and post them for us to see!!!

have just bought out amazing CRAFT PACKS!! Contact them and order!! 

6. Good old games like skipping and hopscotch , hide and seek , forts in the house , eye spy never get old!!

7. Let them help with dinner and set the table. Eating around the table lets them talk about their day and how they feeling about what is happening!

8. EXERCISE – we will be following @thebodycoach on YouTube at 11am SA time to keep fit, if you don’t have internet , try jumping jacks , sit ups and fun exercises!

9. DRESS UP is always fun , so pull out the wigs , heels , old superhero outfits you paid a fortune for and let them run wild – don’t forget the Nerf Guns!!

10. Also a great time to tackle those wardrobes – go through their clothes / toys with them and ask them to place in a pile the clothes/toys  that they would like  too donate to children that don’t have.
(Our charity of choice is GODSWAREHOUSE)


Email me pictures of your bakes , flops , Art , dress-up and fun stuff you have on the go





Author: Mel Martin