Why Advertise with Us:-

We are affordable and give your Business the best Exposure we can.
We connect / link  You to Potential Clients on Social Media looking for Your Product or Business.
If you have a Product or a Competition it is always a winner and we can help.
Sponsoring Prizes or Products to Get More Followers is also a Great way to Grow Your Social Media.

Event Listings

All event listings are FREE of charge - Charities, Sports, Music etc.



Business Listings

We link your Business to Clients via Social Media and e-newsletters.
-Your Business Logo
-12 Awesome Photos of your Business
-Description of Your Business or Product and all Your Social Media Links
-Café Couch will LIKE your Facebook Page and share your Specials
-If you running a competition chat to me about linking Our Pages to get More LIKES.

R600 for a 6 Month Listing



MEDIA RATE CARD - Please email me for this if you would like to view


Front Page Banners

Display your Business banner on our home page for maximum exposure as a FEATURED BUSINESS

R1000 for 4 months

Contact us via email on mel@cafecouch.co.za


Business / Products Reviews

This is a FREE Service where Café Couch reviews your Product /Service or Venue and writes a Review.
All our reviews are listed on our website and in our e-newsletter.

Contact us via email on mel@cafecouch.co.za


All products, services or venue that you would love us to review, would need to be sponsored by the Business.


Newsletter / Blog Banners

Have your Banner in our Newsletter and we will link it too Your Website or Facebook page
R200.00 for 1 Newsletter/Blog or R800.00 for 5 Newsletters/Blogs .


WIB (Women in Business)

Take out a Business Listing with us and we will offer you a FREE WIB Review with photos and links to your Social Media / Business Platforms.


We at Café Couch love the fact the Women / Moms own their Own Businesses.

If you are interested, please fill in the below questionnaire: