Meet Our Very Own #Keto Queen – Viv 


I am going to be giving You some Health Tips and giving your Awesome Recipes on Café Couch Health Blog



I am so excited and I hope you will find just as much excitement and inspiration as I have in this world of boundless energy, health, fitness and mental wellness.I’ve learned that it is all intertwined and this has not been an overnight miracle for me – its been years of figuring out, faltering, falling, picking up & dusting off and learning – and I am still learning every day but I’m getting there and the aim of this blog/site is to help as many people who would like to take the time to have a look and open their eyes to the unconventional, to let go of fitness industry dogma then the way to health and being your best self does not have to be complicated and nor does it mean a life of abandoning the things that you enjoy!
You gotta have a life, right?

You don’t have to wind yourself into knots and get frazzled over scientific formulae just to change your lifestyle. I tried. I over-thought. I tossed and turned and worried that I was always doing something wrong – and then I put the books away and boycotted Google and thought about what I had learned about the basic science of in versus out and how I could make it work for me. So far, over the course of 3 months and after hitting what was probably the lowest point in my life (don’t be in a hurry to move to Russia in mid winter) I have lost 25kgs, become fit again and am living my best life and I want to share it because everyone deserves to know what it feels like.


I am a qualified personal trainer, I am totally addicted to spinning – a discipline I instruct up to 55 times a month and I am absolutely passionate about real food. You’ll find simple recipes for every mood and occasion and I hope you’ll find inspiration here.
I’m a mom of 3 beautiful girls who inspire me daily and I hope you will journey with me! I hope you enjoy what I have to share and I hope you can make it work for you. One size does not fit all but there is ALWAYS a way forward. I am always available to guide and help where possible so get in touch by commenting or emailing me directly.


Author: Mel Martin