Meet Dianne – Our March 2019 Women In Business


First Name: Dianne
Last Name: O’Connor
Web Address:
Cell: 0828713592

On Time Embroidery Listings with Café Couch Business

Tell us about yourself:

I am a wife and mother. I work full time and run my own business.
I love being outdoors and mountain biking is my passion. I also love reading.


Let us know more about your Business and How you came into this Line of Biz.:

Four years ago I decided I wanted to get out of the corporate world and saw an opportunity to open an embroidery business from home. It was a really tough learning curve, with lots of frustration, tears, excitement, learning and fun along the way. Along with a great sense of achievement and fulfillment at building a successful business from scratch.
I love the clients I have met and friendships made along the way.

Being a WIB/Mom in Business what are the challenges you face?:

The biggest challenge is probably balancing work/life/mom and son and husband time. But that’s a challenge all Mom’s face…
Working from home you sometimes don’t know when to switch off and spend quality time with your family…


Any advice for other Women/Moms wanting to start their own Business.:

Really research the business you want to start… is there a market? How can you differentiate yourself from the next business like you? Remember the hidden costs along the way, make sure you have enough set aside to carry you through the initial set up and start up phase. It takes time to build a clientele. So don’t be too hard on yourself as you learn the best way to make this work for you…
Own your mistakes when you make them, apologize and make it right. Customers really appreciate honesty.

What do you enjoy most about owning your Own Business, and would you recommend other women to take the leap?:

I have loved the freedom it has allowed me. I wish I had done this years ago. I love my clients, getting to know them, seeing how happy they are when they see a finished product. I love that I have the freedom to chose what I take on and what I walk away from.
Running your own business is not for everyone, but if you feel it is something you have always wanted to do, and you have an idea of what you would like to do, then I say GO FOR IT! Give it all you’ve got and I am sure you will succeed.




Author: Mel Martin

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